Photo by Sarah Hesselbo

Now, this is the sort of video that just arrives in perfectly timed manner for the end of the week. Danish indie-pop sweetheart IDA GARD strikes back with another uplifting clip off her album Womb. She previously debuted great tunes like Need A Break on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and today we’re more than happy to bring you the world premiere of her new video Whatever It Takes To Get To China which was created with the help of their fans.

But let’s just have IDA explaining the concept behind it, shall we?

‘Whatever It Takes To Get To China’ is a fun song about two children traveling the world without their parents knowing. They want to go to China but end up only making it to Frankfurt. For the video I wanted a childish vibe but also a more spontaneous and loose process. So back in the fall I asked my fans to send me video clips of four things; children, means of transportation, places and whistling faces. I didn’t have much of a plan going into it but I was so happy every time I received a clip that it didn’t matter much.

When the deadline arrived I had a bunch of wonderful material and no idea how to tie it all together. That’s where Malte Greis came in and literally “framed” everything. I’m so happy with the result, and as a bonus, the process has made me even more thankful for having wonderful people all over the world who support me and the music.’

And we couldn’t think of a better message to send out today. Spread the love and you’ll receive it in return as well, right? Count us in and don’t forget to check out her upcoming tour dates below.