We truly missed these four lovely gentlemen. As we already pointed out, Swedish post-rock/dream-pop outfit IMMANU EL report back with a new album after a five year long hiatus. Voices, the first glimpse of Hibernation already fueled our excitement, now we are thrilled to present to you the premiere of another new tune: Omega.

The tune definitely heads into another direction dynamic-wise but here’s what singer Claes Strängberg has to say about it:

The song is basically about experiencing the transiency and vanity of the world and in our lives, realizing that there is so much we work for and struggle for that is completely worthless at the end of the day. Not as an intellectual achievement but out from a personal revelation; a connection with the eternal that gives a perspective on the temporary.

Omega is complementing our first single (Voices) nicely in presenting a more driven sound of Hibernation. The track has an energy and intensity that – in contrast to the ambience and depth of other songs – creates a dynamic of the album that we are very happy with. As for all tracks on the record, we have kept experimenting and playing around with synthesizers and looped samples that creates a nice vibe in the sound.

Judge for yourself and get excited for IMMANU EL‘s new record Hibernation, out November 25th via Glitterhouse Records. Also check out their upcoming tour dates below.