Picture by Miguel Murrieta Vásquez.

Antonio de Spirit A.K.A LA BOUM FATALE is a talented Berlin producer that has been around for quite some years now – but It’s only back in 2016 that he released his successful debut LP titled Holygram. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to premiere the video from one of the songs from the album, after the interesting production-chat we had with Antonio last december. The song is titled When We Fall and is featuring the vocals of Sebastian Cleemann – PETULA. If It starts with tenderness, it doesn’t hesitate to build-up tension to better express contrasted feelings. Those which can make you feel on the edge – but in a relieving cathartic sense.

PETULA explains it more clearly in his own words:

‘An autumn day, a young team, a journey to Itzehoe. An overruled story and a lot of wriggling in a cement vat. Antonio ducks out of the commemorative Chris Lowe-performance and I rub year-old industry mud in my footwear. In the end a surprinsingly captivating and stylishly balanced document of the not too un-desperate try to underline my concern – doubt, decay, privileges – gesticulating without looking like a man in his late thirties in daddy’s-getting-started-mode. Nice try, PETULA. Keep it up!’
Witness the new  LA BOUM FATALE clip right now.

If you like La Boum Fatale, don’t forget to check his old NBHAP guestmix or drown yourself within the whole album. If you have a crush on the song, you can also check his just-released dedicated EP of remixes or PETULA own projects.