Time for a makeover, lads and gents: Beloved Danish singer songwriter LISA ALMA is now to be called LISA BREGNEAGER. We featured her music on here often before and most certainly intend to go on doing so under the new moniker. About the name change BREGNEAGER says that

A new era is coming up. Turning 30, moving to Berlin after 10 years in Copenhagen, feeling a bit more focused and confident as a music producer. I might still be releasing music as LISA ALMA but for now, and for this album Slowdancing, I need a fresh start and a new frame to work in. I’m still creating indie pop music with retro vibes.

The mentioned album Slowdancing is BREGNEAGER‘s new full-length, out November 25th. Already today she shares the song Stale Moments, exclusively premiering here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, of which she says that it is a sad song with a childish naivety to it. It’s a song about those moments where you sit in front of someone you love but feel trapped and it’s hard to act, do or say anything right. You know there’s always two sides of a story but sometimes you forget and you only want it your way – especially if you’re hurt or sad.

And indeed, Stale Moments feels like a more mature and thoughtful version of the retro pop that we’ve come to love from LISA ALMA/BREGNEAGER. Enjoy it here and make sure to search for Slowdancing under the new name when it’s out.