Mother Of The Unicorn - 2016

MOTHER OF THE UNICORN is an experimental indiepop band formed in Berlin and probably the only existing thing in the world that actually MAKE you want to be hungover just because it’s so great listening to them in between some trash tv, a mid afternoon nap and approx. 185 chicken nuggets. The band combines abstract electronics with the warm warble of old organs and some slightly rusty guitars, forging together influences from sample based glitch music and the ‘aesthetic of failure’.

Even Lines is the first single taken from MOTHER OF THE UNICORN upcoming debut album Variations which is produced by Tad Klimp (FENSTER/SAROOS/SLOW STEVE). If you want to feel a little nostalgic and sparkly for a minute, you should totally stop whatever you’re doing at the moment and watch their new music video here on NBHAP.

Variations is to be released on Späti Palace April 8th and will be distributed via Morr Music. In case you’re in Berlin, go to the release show that day at Marie Antoinette with two other Berlin bands, CELCIUS PANDA and ADVENTURE TEAM, and get a free copy of the album on CD with your entry fee!