pringles - fan vs flavour

Pringles call for the challenge Fan against flavour. Well how does that look, a challenge against flavour? In a series of funny videos, the fan has to eat onions against the clock or eat corn faster than the chicken. The chicken testimonial itself is, you guess it, a chicken. If you ask me, it’s a bit sarcastic to let a chicken advertise the flavour “roast chicken”. Does the chicken know that? Anyway, the innovative part about this campaign is the interaction with the viewer. In the middle of the spot, right before the challenge starts, the viewer has to decide who will win. After your click, the spot continues. That’s not new, but still innovative as it makes the viewer act and probably watch it again to see what happens, if you click on the other button.

With that choice, pringles also vote against TV placement. An interesting development that shows that ads are more and more created only for the web. Therefore the campaign is in the challenge for attention which raises the bar for quality and innovation. Good ads become in a way art and the best thing that can happen is that they are spread over social media because they are entertaining. The brand is not so important in the first place but of course has a big image benefit in the long run.

By the way, in this series of spots, a lot of cream, onions and other stuff is used. The company ensures that no real food produce was wasted in the making. Another point on the responsibility score.

article sponsored by Pringles