Quick Quick Obey - Photo by Daniel Buchwald Rasmussen

Photo by Daniel Buchwald Rasmussen

Back to the future via the past. It looks like psychedelic pop structures are currently celebrating a welcome comeback in the minds and hearts of music lovers. Danish band QUICK QUICK OBEY are another promising act that dedicated itself to the power of fuzzy guitars, harmonic vocals and a dreamy way of making music. They might not be as big as TAME IMPALA and others yet but judging from their debut album Bulb Days it could be only a matter of time.

It’s a positive ambivalence that defines the music of QUICK QUICK OBEY. Experimental adventures are bound into a well-fitting pop construct without sounding forced. It’s definitely worth to be discovered. Bulb Days is out today via label Antiphonics – and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents you the full album via stream below.