When it comes to IDM and neo classical music, R.ROO is definitely one of the guys out there right now. With There Is No Yesterday And No Tomorrow and Mgnovenie the Ukrainian musician and producer put out amazing albums full of soundspheres for lonely and/or dark moments. On September 9th his new album Exist will be released via Abstract Reflection. With ne nado, ne trogaite menya the first song is out now. A mindblowing track that simply has to be named “Sound of the Night”.

The first words to the forthcoming Exist release tell: “Images enshroud with vague and seem to recall something. In certain occasions, in this organic life, in exhibits presented for the blind there are together serenity and anxiety, craving for shattered and for holistic, attraction to warm and avoiding of cold. In all of this, there is something in common, something throbbing, something that comes from the ultimate understanding of stunned mind.
Memories, past or subsequent, are yours and others’ at the same time. What actually goes after what? The first image is connected with the last, even if you throw out all the other.
Existence generates a sequence of every fragment and its infinitely versatile connection with everything.”

What else to add? Anticipation? Anticipation! Dive into the world of R.ROO and get blown away by ne nado, ne trogaite menya now: