Rainy Milo - promo

Like we’ve stated before, we ensure you that this young lady from London will be heard of a lot in the future. RAINY MILO just has these certain things that can make you a possible star – charisma, talent, passion and, as we learn, an unswerving lust for life. Her voice, as soulful and confident as the one of a young ELLA FITZGERALD, her songs, coated in an oldschool-vibe with just the right amount of modern elements – RAINY MILO provides a soulful twist to the current hype around neo R&B with a contemporary approach.

It’s about time that we soon will have the chance to experience her stage presence here in Germany. Presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, RAINY MILO will present songs from her debut album This Thing Of Ours at the Kantine Am Berghain on December 15. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at this rising R&B-star. Read her thoughts on N*E*R*D, TUPAC and subtle mind-control right here.

You find yourself traveling back in time to the year 1994. How would you describe someone the music from RAINY MILO with the musical knowledge from 20 years ago?
Haha I love this question. I would maybe say it’s like SADE in the future.

According to the press release your first musical love was N*E*R*D… please tell us about your favourite track by the guys and why’d you love them?
So many, probably one of the tracks that struck me the most and always catches me every time I hear it is, You Know What from the album Seeing Sounds. I just loved how it feels like they completely ignore genres and anything anyone ever expected them to be. They constantly create music that sounds like they just went in the studio and did whatever they felt like, and I absolutely love that freedom their music has.

Would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon?
Have a dragon of course!! The more dragons the better.

This is essential… TUPAC or BIGGIE?
TUPAC. I think after years of listening to my sister banging out both of their records, The 7 Day Theory album still stands out even years after its release. I became more connected to TUPAC as a person through his lyrics, not just musically. I think he’s even more intelligent than everyone knew him to already be.

Imagine you could be a superhero. Which would be your chosen superpower?
I would love to hear people’s thoughts, but then again I also think it’s awesome having no idea what someone’s thinking and having to work them out for yourself. I think my power would have to be subtle mind control. That way I could make my little brother get up and answer the door when people come around instead of me – I’m an evil big sister.

NBHAP presents your forthcoming show in Berlin. What can we expect?
When people ask me to describe my songs, I say they are small excerpts from the overall story of my life, so every time I perform it’s me getting up there being a musical storyteller for the evening and so that’s what I’ll do for Berlin; be a singing storyteller whilst getting my groove on at the same time.

What do the elements ‘hope’ and ‘passion’ mean to you?
To me hope is believing that what is to come will be better than all of your yesterdays. Passion is genuinely loving so much beyond your own control. If you’re passionate about music, to me, you don’t just like it you love it, you don’t know why but you just feel like it hits you harder than it does other people. You can’t decide to be passionate about something, you just are.