Rangleklods - Presse 2015

Urgh, is it Monday morning again? Luckily, Danish band RANGLEKLODS just made their long awaited comeback in form of their new single Lost U. And this one really seems to be an apt cure for Monday sluggishness. A trip hop utopia with early 1990’s house beats make Lost U a Monday morning saviour and an early weekend starter.

The new track follows the stand-alone single Control from spring 2013 and is supposed to mark the first material off the duo’s follow-up album to 2012’s debut Beekeeper. A record NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION really enjoyed as well as the band’s live performances and a fancy guestmix they did for us.

RANGLEKLODS are responding to the voice sample in the beginning of the track which is described as a ‘pitched downed girl from a VHS documentary on the UK Rave Scene from the early 90s’. Lost U is a time capsule of 1990s rave and trip hop. Catchy, shrill yet dreamy Lost U dances to a beat of nostalgia. Repetitive beats intertwined with serene vocals make Lost U the perfect weekend end.