Who is it?

RIPSY MAY, orginally born in Latvia rapidly embarked on her musical journey after moving from London to Los Angeles a few years ago. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist gearing up for the release of her first zine very soon. RIPSY released two singles and now the third one Dare, with its outstanding video is following.

Why should you listen to it?

The video is RIPSY MAY’s directorial debut with collaborator and co-director Tigran Tovmasyan, and was filmed on location in White Sands, New Mexico, over the period of two blistering hot days. You can see the singer dance quite extraordinary and sing the song with a special voice: ‘I wanted to use a different part of my voice for this song, and strain it in a way that reflected what I was singing about – disappointment from someone you love.’ Beautiful pictures combined with good pop music, what else do you need?

What’s next?

RIPSY will be relasing her debut EP soon and is planning to relase her own zine.

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