Rökkurro - Blue Skies - CoverTalented Icelandic band RÖKKURRÓ is about to return with a new album later this year. And this time the band is planning to take a brave step and self-release the record. And to get us all a bit more exciting about the forthcoming release NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the premiere of the group’s brand new and haunting single. It’s called Blue Skies and it truly is a lovely piece enigmatic pop.

Singer Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir on the new song: ”Blue Skies’ is one of the first tracks we wrote for the new album. It came quite easily to us at the start but it was somehow way more of a pop song than any of the songs we’d written before. But in the studio the band had a disagreement about some elements in the song and we couldn’t really agree on anything. This song kind of turned into a ticking bomb, whenever somebody mentioned… But after some months we noticed how much we missed it. So we decided to rearrange it and make some drastic changes to be able to make it fit with the other tracks on the album.’

Furthermore, the singer with the distinctive voice adds: ‘The lyrics talk about fulfilling your dreams and the fact that these dreams can die, if you don’t nurture them.’ So, there’s really no argument right now to NOT enjoy the new RÖKKURRÓ single right? Blue Skies is out on September the 15th but you can already stream it right here.