rosemary - the city

Catching the early train after a night out, owning the sky. You’re riding through the city’s tunnels, heading to the light, before the dawn heals all. The early morning sun casts shadows on your friends, one lying asleep on the bench, another talking to an old lady on her way to the Sunday Market, a third sipping on vodka bottle-bottoms, comfortably numb. Scrolling in mind images of the past night, reliving every moment, while Iranian-Danish electro-duo ROSEMARY, whose debut EP A Persian Tale was once named NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION’s “Album of the Week”, blast their new song The City through the speakers. “Cause we all know how to do it right.”

“I think what we do is something like dark-neo-disco.” The band’s leading lady Sahar Pour hits the nail on the head in the May 2012 interview, as this new song sounds like a slowed-down version of VISAGE’s Fade to Grey, topped off with high-pitch vocals which even make KATE BUSH or DONNA SUMMER blush to the roots of their hair. The catchy tune immediately sticks to your right frontal lobe and keeps you grooving ‘till long after sunrise, while constantly reminding you of the dark bass beats that shattered your body and soul throughout the night. The best “Sounds of the Day” is the one in which you relive your own “Sounds of the Night”, so today’s choice was easy. Press play now, and rewind last night’s tape.