Rough Days For Diamond Trade - Somehow Remixed - Album Cover 2013


1. Somehow (Unkwon)
2. Somehow (Leather Jacket)
3. Somehow (Dub Tractor dub)
4. Somehow (Dopplereffekt)
5. Doubtful Mind (Yen Sleep)
6. Anywhere (Max Ulis)
7. Anywhere (Boom Clap Bachelors)
8. Anywhere (Legowelt)
9. Anywhere (Elka 8)



ROUGH DAYS FOR DIAMOND TRADE will release his new album Somehow Remixed on September 5th via the label Looking Forward. After naming UNKWON’s remix of the song Anywhere “Sound of the Day” and YEN SLEEP’s remix of Doubtful Minds premiered on No Fear Of Pop, now the third track of Somehow Remixed, LEGOWELT’s (yes, the Dutch electro-god) remix of Anywhere, premieres on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. And even more you can download the song for free until Saturday (August 31st) evening.

Frederik Sølberg, the man behind ROUGH DAYS FOR DIAMOND TRADE, tells “Coming from the cold, introvert, and self-centered Copenhagen, Berlin is like paradise” (Read the full interview). This might be the reason why Sølberg chose Berlin as the place for the Release Party of his new album Somehow Remixed. The party will take place on Friday (September 6th) at the Our/Berlin Music Week, which is the event-series by Nordic By Nature during the official Berlin Music Week.

Enjoy LEGOWELT’s version of ROUGH DAYS FOR DIAMOND TRADE‘s Anywhere and grab a free download. If you like the track you should also check out the free download sampler Nothing But… Electropop because it includes the original mix of Anywhere.