rover - album cover


1. Aqualast
2. Queen Of The Fools
3. Remember
4. Tonight
5. Wedding Bells
6. Lou
7. Silver
8. Champagne
9. Carry On
10. Late Night Love
11. Full Of Grace

Shortly NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION interviewed the French singer-songwriter ROVER and Timothée Régnier told that in his opinion “Dying By Sadness” would be the most romantic death. Quite fitting to the music he plays. Sad, tragic and melancholic tunes meet lyrics about dark hours, sad feelings and tragedy. Now Timothée Régnier, who chose his artist name, ROVER, because his “parents drove nothing else when I was a kid”, is about to release his self-titled debut-album. Without any doubt an album that will be loved by people who are into tragic singer-songwriter music.

With his debut-album ROVER releases an album that is depressing and that burns out the listener, in a positive sense. Rover is a collection of highly authentic songs, that all in all create an atmosphere of melancholy and depression. An atmosphere that is perfect to sink in and to get lost in thoughts about everything that went right or wrong within the past years. In the interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION Timothée Régnier told “People say travelling you are either escaping or looking for something, I am not sure but I think I am escaping.” This somehow expresses the feeling the album leaves. It feels like running away, from the past, the present and if possible also from the future.

Rover is an album that is not just about music, it is much more Timothée’s soul striptease. You can stream the entire album, Rover, right here – exclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.