russian circles - memorial - album cover


01. Memoriam
02. Deficit
03. 1777
04. Cheyenne
05. Burial
06. Ethel
07. Lebaron
08. Memorial

RUSSIAN CIRCLES just shareed the first song, Deficit, from their upcoming album Memorial. The album will be released on October 29th via Sargent House. Memorial opens with the banger Deficit, a song which makes us looking forward to the release of the album. Surely one of the postrock releases this year.

The album was recorded in Chicago at Electrical Audio studio. According to bass player Brian Cook, RUSSIAN CIRCLES “set out to make a straightforward, intense, heavy record.” Well, exactly this is what they did. “We’ve always tried to balance our metal-influenced sounds with more nuanced, pretty, orchestral elements, but this time, it’s far more polarized in that the heavy parts are much more blown out and exaggerated while the pretty moments are far more restrained, delicate, and atmospheric.” Anticipation!