Sam SlaterIf you’re looking for something special tonight don’t look any further because we have a short but entertaining electronic experience for you by Mr. SAM SLATER. His debut piece Forest Gospel might be barely three minutes long but is quite a journey. No surprise since it was recorded in a woodland in Slovenia while the producer was surrounded by abandoned industrial equipment, through which a river and a railway occasionally pass. It’s quite a scenario, right?

Forest Gospel is the opening track of SAM SLATER‘s debut album Languish Barriers which he recorded in quite an ambitious way. He field-recorded areas that have a history of civil war, specifically Burma, ex-Yugoslavia and Berlin. That’s why there’s so much to discover within such a short piece of music. It’s out today via label All Female Parliament with the album arriving in October. Mr. SLATER previously wrote a few great pieces as an editor for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION so we’re even happier to premiere his music to the world right now.