Wireless technology is not a new thing. We use WIFI everyday and some smart phones have the possibility to get charged without cable connection. It definitely is a trend to go away from cables and use wireless technology – also when it comes to music. Wireless technology makes it possible to connect to speakers, but is there also the chance to have this opportunity portable? Music on the go so to say? Of course it is. So we took a closer look at SAMSUNG’s new Wireless Audio-Portable which brings exactly this: music on the go.

Samsung Wireless Audio-Portable

The Samsung Wireless Audi-Portable Speaker brings a great sound experience. Music on the go…


The Sound

When we talk about listening to music it is of course important to check out the sound quality. The SAMSUNG Wireless Audio-Portable definitely totally wins at this point. Of course it is no full sound system and of course it’s difficult for the speaker to deal with sub-basses and other special frequencies, but for a portable speaker it brings a stunning sound. You even can give the speaker an extra bass boost (which you don’t even need to have a great sound experience on the go).

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The Usage & The Battery

Another important point is the usage – and of course the battery. The usage could not be easier. Just connect your mobile phone of laptop/computer via bluetooth (but you also can connect via USB and audio cable) and there it is: every sound of your mobile phone or laptop/computer comes out of the SAMSUNG Wireless Audio-Portable. Even over a longer distance it works just perfectly. The bluetooth connection works well until a distance of max 50m, which is simply great. There are not even problems if there is a wall between the devices. Come home door and choose the music you want to listen to when opening the door. Maybe The Eye Of The Tiger or Carmina Burana when coming home? Why not!?

The battery works for several hours so that you can easily plan a barbecue with your friends outside and listen to music all the time. The battery charges every time you connect the speaker to a socket. So you can use it with battery and without. Perfect!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The Quality & The Design

And what about the quality and the design? The quality is great and definitely worth every cent. Maybe the speaker is a little bit too big and heavy, but making it a bit lighter would surely be bad for the sound quality. The design is, as always with design things, a matter of taste. The Wireless Audio-Portable is without any doubt of high quality and well designed and fits perfectly into our times. Still, it somehow does not get me personally 100%. But as said, it is a matter of taste and maybe you like it more than I do – or maybe you even hate it. Who knows?

Rating: 3,5/5 Stars

SAMSUNG Wireless Audio-Portable – Summary

All in all the SAMSUNG Wireless Audio-Portable is an amazing product that brings music on the go in wonderful quality. Wherever you want to listen to music, with this speaker you can do it for hours, without any problems. Just the design is a matter of taste… decide on your own. One thing is for sure: it is totally worth taking a closer look at this speaker.

Test Rating:4,5/5 Stars