Sankt Otten - Das Große Weinen Ist Vorbei

German neo-krautrock and ambient duo SANKT OTTEN will release their seventh longplayer on June the 28th via Denovali Records and even more than the poetical title Messias Maschine (Messias Machine) – following previous album titles like Gottes Synthesizer (God’s Synthesizer) and Sequenzer Liebe (Sequenzer Love) – a glance to the list of collaborators makes clear that it’s going to be their most ambitious LP to date.

Support on percussion comes from the drummer of former psychedelic band ASHRA, HARALD GROSSKOPF, as well as from “Human Drum Machine” JAKI LIEBEZEIT, legendary drummer of the avant-garde band CAN. Electronica artist ULRICH SCHNAUSS participates just like COLEY DUANE DENNIS, head of US-postrock monument MASERATI, and BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE member CHRISTOPH CLÖSER.

A first taste of the new album by STEPHAN OTTEN and OLIVER KLEMM alias SANKT OTTEN you can get by the video to Das Grosse Weinen Ist Vorbei which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION premiers today. The music clip shows the two artists (and in the silhouette Jaki Liebezeit) overlaid and dissolved by a flashing series of abstract and psychedelic projections.

Watch the video premiering right here: