SBTRKT - TransitionsMasked producer Aaron Jerome aka SBTRKT unveils a brand new EP today called Transitions. Although this might come as surprise for many, it’s not like we haven’t been teased before. Jerome peviously started the revelation of new material. Hold The Line was another track that’s been released before. The actual surprise is that you can purchase Transitions right from today on via

SBTRKT on his new release: ‘This is music written over the last year, whilst recording for my second album. Much of the music I released before my debut album was instrumental and I want to continue to share this side of the music I make.’

The release features six new songs. The Transitions series will be released through label Young Turks on three individual 12” records. Each one will feature artwork and 2D Moiré animation by Jerome’s creative buddies from ‘A Hidden Place’. Check out Hold The Line below.