School of Seven BellsFollowing the sad passing of founding member Benjamin Curtis back in December 2013, synthpop duo SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS will release one final album next February. Curtis’ musical partner in crime, Alejandra Deheza, has now announced the release of SVIIB which features music the duo recorded way back in 2012, following their latest album Ghostory. The singer explains the album in the following words.

Benjamin and I wrote this record during a tour break in the summer of 2012. I can easily say that it was one of the most creative and inspired summers of our lives. What followed was the most tragic, soul shaking tidal wave that life could deliver, but even that wouldn’t stop the vision for this record from being realized. This is a love letter from start to finish. It’s the story of us starting from that first day we met in 2004, and that’s the story of School of Seven Bells. So much love to all of you. Thank you for being a constant light in our lives.

There’s also a first trailer for the final SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS record which you can watch right here.