Sekuoia - Photo by Stephanie Stål

Photo by Stephanie Stål

After following crafted Danish electronic producer SEKUOIA for a while now, we’re happy to announce that he will finally release his full-length debut. flac arrives on September 16 via Humming Records and a first single called Someone’s Problem already today. ‘I’ve worked really hard on making the songs sound both dreamy and poppy,’ states the artist in a press release while adding: ‘I like to imagine the album being played at night in a dark venue’

The first track already gives a good direction on what to expect from the SEKUOIA debut. He explains:

‘With Someone’s Problem I wanted to create a track that had more of an epic feeling than a lot of my previous tracks. I wanted to do an atmospheric dance track, that shuffled in just the right way. Someone’s Problem gives me a feeling of wanting to dance and get lost in the music, without taking anything else into consideration.’

Don’t forget to check out the excellent guestmix this gentleman did for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION a while ago as well as our interview with him from last summer. New tourdates can be found below the new song…