Jason Molina - Photo by Steve Gullick

Photo by Steve Gullick

It’s true, almost everyone of us knows where they have been on 9/11 – how they first encountered these pictures that can’t be erased from our cultural memory and linger on in reoccuring moments of horror like lately in Paris. Far more complicated is how we deal with these situations of brutal reality. We can’t escape them, we can’t hide, we have to make something out of it. Wether it is cyniscm or creativity.

For artists it’s always a good choice to go with the latter. And so did JASON MOLINA alongside with WILL OLDHAM and ALISTAIR ROBERTS. Three musicians that at the time of the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon happened to be making music together on the farm of OLDHAM‘s brother Paul in Kentucky. In a moving letter ALISDAIR ROBERTS now recalls the situation, while MOLINA‘s label Secretly Canadian published the track that these three outstanding songwriters wrote and recorded in the direct aftermath of the events. It’s a truly devastating statement of confusion, anger and sadness – carried by the voice of the late great JASON MOLINA who once again serves us a bittersweet farewell in form of this song. If you’re in the mood for it, take a trip down the memory lane tonight with this special and historical take.