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Already now 2017 is the year of the big shoegaze comebacks. THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, SLOWDIVE and now also RIDE are returning with their first new material since the 1990s. Weather Diaries is the name of the new album which arrives on June 16 via Wichita Recordings. It was produced by electronic producer EROL ALKAN and mixed by Alan Moulder.

So far, the band has shared two tracks off the album. Charm Assault is the name of the first single and according to the band’s Andy Bell this is what it is about:

‘Charm Assault’ is a pretty straightforward expression of frustration and disgust at the people who currently run our country. The tour in 2015 was a good way of reminding us what we were good at in the first place and ‘Charm Assault’ feels like a natural continuation from our peak. When we started writing together again we tried to imagine we’d kept on making music all this time, and this was just the latest one.

A second track of Weather Diaries arrives in the form of the floating Home Is A Feeling which Mark Gardener describes in the following words

‘Home Is A Feeling’ to me is like a slow, wide-screen, sonically, layered, slowed motion warm wash. Like returning home as dawn rises totally exhausted and spangled after a long ..long …big, great night out.

The third song, All I Want, was written on the exact same day Theresa May was elected and is now also up for stream below.

If you’d like to revisit the origins of the band (and others from that decade) we also highly recommend NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s freshly released 90s indie and alternative music playlist right here before taking a big step into the future right here.

‘Weather Diaries’ – Tracklist

01. Lannoy Point
02. Charm Assault
03. All I Want
04. Home Is a Feeling
05. Weather Diaries
06. Rocket Silver Symphony
07. Lateral Alice
08. Cali
09. Integration Tape
10. Impermanence
11. White Sands

‘All I Want’

‘Charm Assault’

‘Home Is A Feeling’