Shura - 2015 - Photo by Hollie Fernando

Photo by Hollie Fernando

British newcomer SHURA continues to tease her forthcoming full-length debut Nothing’s Real. Her latest single What’s It Gonna Be? and it’s just destined to become your next summer pop hit, trust us. The album itself will deliver plenty of musical variety, including the previously released pieces The Space Tapes, Touch, 2Shy or White Light. Relive our 2015 interview with the singer when she was still in her early stages.

The accompanying music video follows the singer and her twin brother back to the glory high school days and sets the catchy 80s tune into a fitting movie setting. About the story of the clip the singe states:

‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ is about having a massive crush on someone, so it made sense to go back where to school, where it all began. But it was important for us to explore those archetypal characters – The Jock, The Nerd, The Dork, The Popular Kid – and then flip expectations. ‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ is based on my personal experience as a kid; thinking you’re in love but then realising that’s maybe just because you feel you should be (and ending up with someone totally unexpected).

Nothing’s Real arrives on July the 8th and you can stream the new SHURA piece below.