Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins - If I Stay Here, I'll Be Alone  - Cover- 2013

SIMON12345 & THE LAZER TWINS If I Stay Here, I’ll Be Alone

1. Damascus
2. Wien (April)
3. Siddharta
4. 77*R.I.P.
5. Make up Tips
6. I’ll be alone… feat. Beegs Alchemy
7. Damascus (Reliq Rework)
8. 77*R.I.P. (;.. Rework)
9. Make up Tips (Taquwami Rework)






Earlier this year we wrote about the Leipzig based experimental electronica trio PRAEZISA RAPID 3000 who already released their gorgeous and eclectic debut in January. Today we have an eye on SIMON12345, part of the band and co-founder of the related label Doumen Records, which became more and more established recently. Doumen’s releases are always something special, beautiful layouted on the outside as well as multifaceted and humorous on the inside, something worth to buy but still more than a collector’s item. SIMON12345 now finally comes with an own EP that features his friends named THE LAZER TWINS. This beautiful heavy white vinyl pressing with an awesome artwork which easily could be a seldom seen screenshot from the legendary sci-fi movie Blade Runner, was already released in November 2012 but now gets a CD re-release via the japanese label noble. Therefore six original tunes of the vinyl version were completed with three excellent remixes from two japanese artists and Doumen’s own ;.. aka Guschling, shortly said a set that you should check out.

But we’ve got more, between producing and releasing, he did an exclusive guestmix for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, a surprising collection of known and unknown tunes from different genres, you can find below. Firstly we would like to sneak a peak at this shimmering piece of electronica called If I Stay Here I’ll Be Alone.

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The opener Damascus is a bouncing post dubstep track with clicks and cuts and its own soundscape, vibrating and soulful. It’s followed by the short and experimental Wien (April) which feels like an interlude, and the more epic Siddharta. Thereafter this tune called 77*R.I.P takes place. It slowly floats between dream pop and trip hop in its original version, but later appears neck breakin’ and mind blowin’ as a remix. With Make Up Tips the sound turns into a weird sample massacre but stays melodic while the rework of Japanese beat maker Taquami even brings an almost romantic feeling into that thing. Worth mentioning is the interlaced and nearly mathematic complexity of Simon’s work. It offers more and more details with every time you listen through the record, it’s challenging without overcharging. The title track I’ll be alone brings it back to earth. It features rapper Beegs Alchemy, known as a member of COAXIAL, a hip hop crew that released earlier on former indie label Gold Standard Laboratories. Beegs Alchemy does an emotional rap part with his very own flow on a broken beat. This one definitely gives the most interesting turn on this release. Another highlight comes with RELIQ’s rework of  Damascus, a complete rearrangement with nice ideas and surprising sequences.

If we now have your curiosity, please feel free to to see what influenced the producer. Right in time for this fancy release, SIMON12345‘s  presents an exclusive guestmix for NBHAP, including the title track of his new EP and a lot more stuff that is worth to be discovered. Forty minutes

Photo by Jonas Fischer

01. Indian Gadget Store (Introduction Theme)
02. GONJASUFI – Candylane (Bibio Remix)
03. JAMIE LIDELL – You Naked
04. ON+BRR – Rhabababer
05. SMALL ISLAND PRIDE – Taxi Driver
06. MT. EGYPT – Everything in Moderation
07. ZAMUTO – Idiom Wind
08. YEAH YEAH YEAHS – Maps (Airhead Remix)
09. MOTOOMI DOI – Oscar
10. JEREMIAH JAE – Greetings ft. Tre
11. HolidayHoliday!! (Interlude)
12. JEREMIAH JAE – Money
13. FUGAZI – Argument
14. SIMON12345 & THE LAZER TWINS – I’ll be alone (feat. Beegs Alchemy)