Sin Cos Tan - Photo by Vilhelm Sjostrom

Photo by Vilhelm Sjostrom

Finnish synth-pop duo SIN COS TAN reports back with new video material. As you might know by now NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is really looking forward to the group’s forthcoming album Blown Away. The first released tracks  Love Sees No Colour and Columbia already made a great impression and it looks like it wasn’t a coincidence. We’re happy to bring you the premiere of the official lyric video for Heart Of America, the third teaser from the longplayer.

Masterminds Jori Hulkkonen and Juho Paalosmaa provide another ambitious piece of pop music, disguised as lovely little piece of tropical lo-fi electropop. Quite fitting for an album with such an epic album concept. Blown Away tells the story of Michael Burana, a middle-aged American man who faces a dead-end job and a divorce. But he get’s a ‘second chance’ – as a drug courier between the US and South America. The full SIN COS TAN album arrives on August the 1st via Solina Records, you can check out the video below.