slow celebration - fun

SLOW CELEBRATION is a spontaneous collaboration between Danish musicians Mads D. Kristiansen (REPTILE YOUTH) and Esben Andersen (RANGLEKLODS). Both are part of somewhat the same wave they started meeting each other at festivals and parties all over Europe. And both always had a strong connection and dreamed about the same things. One random Saturday morning after meeting in a Club in Copenhagen Mads and Esben decided to produce a track together, just for the fun of it. And that’s what the track is called: Fun. That Saturday morning was the morning when SLOW CELEBRATION was born. Not even one month later the duos debut EP was finished. Of course written, produced, mixed and mastered by Esben and Mads. Today the EP is out and with this also the Fun video, which was directed by Rasmus Weng Karlsen, premiered.

SLOW CELEBRATION‘s Fun is a modern alternative electronic music hymn that clearly is influenced by early 80’s synth wave, Rap, R&B and Psych. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has always believed in both – REPTILE YOUTH and RANGLEKLODS – now that both collaborate Mads and Esben convinced us again. SLOW CELEBRATION‘s Fun is named Sound of the Night. You wanna have fun? Have fun!

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