The Smiths by Stephen Wright

Morrissey and MarrPhoto by Stephen Wright

Recently JOHNNY MARR revelead that him and MORRISSEY briefly discussed a reunion of THE SMITHS back in 2008. And although that chance is gone we now actually get a new single by the influential indie wave band. Well, sort of. As the official Moz fanpage ‘True To You‘ reports there is going to be a new 7-Inch single release soon, featuring previously unreleased material.

The single will feature a demo mix of The Boy With the Thorn in His Side as well as a never heard alternative version of Rubber Ring, the tracks B-side back in 1985. MORRISSEY himself picked the artwork for this which shows Salford actor Albert Finney. Witness it below as well as the original versions of the two tracks. Details on when the release might happen are still to follow.