Snakadaktal - Photo 2013Australian dream pop collective SNAKADAKTAL announced that they will split up. In a post to their fans the band expresse its thanks and says: ‘…we feel that it is time to move onto different pursuits that we each individually wish to explore. […] We hope that what we have released will accompany you and be there for as long as you need it. It is yours to keep. We are proud of ourselves and feel fulfilled. It has been a journey we will treasure forever.

There is one last release of SNAKADAKTAL called Treasures (2010-2014). It includes twelve unreleased recordings and maybe helps the fans getting over the wrench. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is sad as well since we really liked the band’s 2013 debut album Sleep In The Water. Just one month ago guitarist Joey selected ’7 Classic Pop Songs for a Drive in The Top Down E-Type Jag’ for us. Farewell, you talented guys!

Below you can listen to SNAKADAKTAL‘s consolation Treasures (2010-2014).