SOHN - Photo by Amelia Troubridge

Photo by Amelia Troubridge

British-born, Vienna-based artist SOHN is about to return with the anticipated follow-up to his 2014 debut Tremors in early 2017. The follow-up goes by the name Rennen (German for ‘running’) and arrives on January 13 via 4AD. In a press statement the singer explains why he picked that title in the first place:

‘I was running nonstop that whole time. It was this incredible blur of seeing the whole world all in one go. I was going from experience to experience to experience always saying yes, and that’s just an incredible thing to put yourself through as a human.’

He previously already shared the song Signal this summer, now a second one called Conrad arrives in form of a lyric video which you can enjoy below. It also shows a new self-conception of the artist as he wants a more direct sounding LP and less reverb-filled elements this time. He explains:

‘I think I’ve had a tendency in the past to overthink the sounds and the layers out of some kind of fear, whereas this time I forced myself to only add those three main elements in each track and make sure the song itself was good enough.’

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