Soleima 2016 high res

We first came across Sarah Mariegaard last summer, when her debut single My Boi made us realise that this was someone we really, really needed to pay attention to. Since then we haven’t really heard much from her apart from a cover of YOUNG THUG‘s Check (Scandinavian electro-pop artists doing hip-hop covers is a fascinating sub-genre that I’m going to write a 600-page book on some day). However, only eight months later she’s back with a follow-up; her new single Once Was.

In sound, Once Was sits in the same territory as My Boi. Musically, it’s all electronic fluidity, slipping easily between between textures and styles without missing a beat. The production adds to the lush vibe, warping and tweaking the song to constantly to keep things interesting and keep the listener on their toes. In mood however, there’s a significant departure. Whereas My Boi was euphoric, Once Was is deeply uncertain and hesitant (‘I hate I never know for sure, if you are my cancer or my cure’). It’s exactly what a pop song in 2016 should sound like: fresh, deep and very melodic. Check it out below, and an EP from SOLEIMA is on the way.