Sondre_Lerche 2014
As a musician, being exposed to the public gaze, there are two ways to handle your private life: you can separate it from your music and reject any connections or you bravely dicuss your experiences, pain and sadness in your songs. Norwegian singer and multi-instrumentalist SONDRE LERCHE takes the second way. His seventh studio-album Please, which comes out on September 19, is a so-called ‘divorce album’ since most of the songs are about the divorce from his long-term wife Mona Fastvold.

When crimes are passionate can love be separate?’ goes the philosophic question in the first single Bad Law. But don’t expect the song to be a sobbing accusatiion. It comes as a loose, almost carefree, pop song, accompanied by a humoristic, self-ironic video. Check it out right here.