Sunny And The Sunsets - Photo by Alice Shaw

Photo by Alice Shaw

From the upcoming release Talent Night at the Ashram (February the 17th via Polyvinyl Records), SONNY AND THE SUNSETS answer the question ‘What happens when you are writing a script for a series of short films you into to string into one long narrative film, but then decide the scripts work better as songs?’ This song is telling the surprisingly compelling story of tripped out grocery store employees trying to piece together just what exactly is going on. Refer to this song if you feel like you never dropped enough acid and want the experience without all the tracer/brain damaging side effects.

Replete with dog barking noises (Pet Sounds anyone?) SONNY AND THE SUNSETS update THE BEACH BOYS, refers to seminal SYD BARRETT, and pay homage to THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE (if Anton could get his life together.) This track features laconically sunny sounds, wah wahing guitars, spoken lyrics, and hand claps. ‘Why is she so terrible with the customers? Maybe the produce can tell us, he knows a thing or two...’ Enjoy it next time you walk into the organic grocer.