Cajsa Siik - Press 2015

CAJSA SIIK is a Swedish singer-songwriter, two well-received albums into her career now (2012’s Plastic House and 2014’s Contra), and we’re big fans of her over here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, having premiered her last single Follow You Down back in February. And we’re delighted to bring you her latest single, State of Low.

State of Low is quite a different creature to Follow You Down. Whereas Follow You Down was more hushed and gentle, before gradually picking up pace and emotion, State Of Low is more reminiscent of the colder, more restrained sides of Contra. It’s an intersection of musical styles, a perfect blend of electronic and more traditional instruments. Synths sit happily alongside piano, the percussion gives the track a galloping momentum, and the singer pulls off the classic pop trick of combing gloss and sheen with some tense, exposed lyricism: ‘make up your mind, in this state of low’. The song is a piece of smooth synth-pop, progressing from Contra while, importantly, still retaining the elements that made that record work. State of Low is out now, and CAJSA SIIK goes on tour in Italy in April.