We Are The City - Press

Photo by Kirsten Berlie

Experimental pop is juxtaposed with sweet thoughtful lyrics in WE ARE THE CITY’s latest track Friends Hurt. WE ARE THE CITY present an empathic tale of nostalgia, loss and personal snapshots. These lyrical images are layered over a grainy repetitive pop beat. The track is taken from the Canadian born’s second album Violent which will be released on March 23rd 2015 via Sinnbus. The whole record strikes the listener as a real ‘coming of age’ deal. Reaffirming emotive images of VHS, yard sales and personal stories. Friends Hurt is a reflective pop hit that is the soundtrack for dreaming about upcoming spring days. So groove along to this marvellous Sound Of The Day if you like but remember: My home videos won’t mean a thing in fifty years.