Moon Duo - Antonio Curcetti

Moon Duo – Photo by Antonio Curcetti

You’ve probably promised that you’re going to dig out that old skateboard for years now. But the kids at the skate park are cooler than they once were, 4 years ago or was it 5? Wait, when was 2004? Richie Jackson, super awesome professional skater, proves in the new MOON DUO video that you don’t even need the board to be a super cool skater. Skating using old rakes, keyboards and even the roof of a moving car, Jackson just is the epitome of ‘cool skater kid’.

Sound tracking this mesmerising journey is Animal, the new single from MOON DUO, the side project of WOODEN SHJIPS’ Ripley Johnson. Being the first release from Shadows of the Sun, Animal combines psychedelic riffs and deep lingering vocals to create a musical animal. Sharp bassline layers over solo drums to create a landscape for droning strong vocals. It is still early in 2015 but this is sure to be a track of the year. The video and the song prove that MOON DUO exist blissfully in their own sonic universe. Shadows of the Sun will be released on Sacred Bones records on March 3rd 2015.

Written by Hannah Fahy