Vallis Alps

It’s quite difficult to uncover any information about VALLIS ALPS. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts are only a few posts old, and their description of themselves extends only to a line in their song Young: “weeks went by but felt like hours”. However, with a bit of sleuthing (i.e. a decent Google search), we discover that VALLIS ALPS has two members (Parissa Tosif on vocals and David Ansari on production duties) and they’ve just put out a self-titled EP.

The lead track from that EP, Young, is built around a pulsing beat, little melodic flourishes and glitch effects. The song is given proper shape and form by Tosif’s calmly emoting vocal, gently adding a human edge to the production. What emerges is a precise fusion of clubby beats and razor-sharp pop. The Vallis Alps EP is out now.