Communion - promo

If ICEAGE are Copenhagen’s experts in sordid rock, then COMMUNIONS represent a sunnier side to the city’s music scene. The four-piece have shown their talent for shimmering, melodic indie across a number of singles, and now they’ve announced the release of a self-titled, five track EP, including new track Summer’s Oath.

The songs on the EP seem to indicate that the band are moving in a colder, less summery musical direction, and Summer’s Oath is no exception. COMMUNIONS echo back to early eighties post-punk, with hints of JOY DIVISIONS’s icy aesthetic and THE SMITHS’s frantic guitar melodies. Summer’s Oath rattles along with intensity, both in the rapid guitar lines and singer Martin Rehof’s repeated cries of “You know that I’ll see you again”. The Communions EP is out now on Tough Love Records.