Girl Friend

Manchester was in top musical form during the 1980s, so it’s fitting that the city’s latest buzz band GIRL FRIEND channel that decade so heavily. They cite the likes of ROXY MUSIC as an influence, and that’s pretty obvious in both their sound and their make-up splatted glam aesthetic. They put out an EP with the cheery title of Arrive Alone, Leave Alone in spring and are now returning with their new single, Poison.

Poison is an absurdly slick tune, full of slippery dance-indie groove from the fat low-end synths to the little splashes of flickering NILE RODGERS guitar. Thematically, it indulges in music’s well-worn love-as-drug-as-music-as-drug again formula, but frontman Amory’s hyperactive vocals means that the track sounds anything but tired. He slides around the track with effortless grace, rising up to a falsetto at times as he declares “I want you to hurt me baby, please say you will”. Poison is out now.