Bronze Whale

Bronze Whale – Photo by Mitch Hagelberg

PARASITE SINGLE is the alter ego of Hamburg producer Christian Seim and singer Jasmina Quach. BRONZE WHALE is comprised of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, an indie-electronic duo from Texas. Jaques and Alley came across Seim’s track The Hunt last year, fell in love with it and decided to remix it. And that’s how today’s track, PARASITE SINGLE’s The Hunt (BRONZE WHALE Remix) came into existence.

The track’s juxtaposition of high-pitch vocals and lumbering beats is vaguely reminiscent of a chillwave PURITY RING. It’s a shifting, ever changing song that features a few sudden swerving tempo shifts that are guaranteed to toss an unsuspecting clubber into the speakers. And the artists have generously made the track available as a free download from BRONZE WHALE’s Soundcloud page.