Sounds Of Sputnik - New BornAs some of you might remember NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION recently gave you the video premiere of Light Scheme, a haunting collaboration between Moscow’s SOUNDS OF SPUTNIK and the Canadian-Ukranian duo UMMAGMA. Exactly these talented people just released their collaborative debut album New Born via Ear to Ear Records.

And it’s a record you should not miss if you love epic and complex constructs of melodic dreampop. New Born is full of these things we love about bands like THE TWILIGHT SAD or MY BLOODY VALENTINE. We got guitars drowning in reverbs, calculated drums, a thick bass and beautiful vocal work by UMMAGMA‘s Shauna McLarnon.

The musical joint venture of SOUNDS OF SPUTNIK‘s Roma Kalitkin and his fellow musicians is a quite satisfying clash of genres without just sticking to one simple direction. There’s something in there for every fan of shoegaze as well as for those of you who love the enigmatic work of M83. It’s a rich world and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to invite you to a trip through this microcosm as we give you the full album stream right here.