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The last thing a woman wants is that her bathing suit falls apart and she ends up flashing the people at the beach with both bare skin and red cheeks out of embarrassment. As we’ve said zillions of times through our fashion segment, it’s better to invest on something that’s going to last than waste money on clothes that are produced in masses. Quality and sustainability come first. Our advice for your summer suit is that you find something that you feel gorgeous in it and that there is some kind of guarantee that it’s going to last.

There are not many eco-friendly swimwear brands. After some research, we stumbled upon Koru Swimwear. Two lovely ladies, the designers Julie Brockmeyer Stine and April Slater, wanted to incorporate eco-friendly fabrics and responsible textile manufacturing processes to swimwear for both sport and leisure. They both have really interesting backgrounds, with Julie’s studies in advertising, marketing and public relations that meet her love for the environment and for surfing and April’s career as a professional ice skater for Disney on Ice. As you can imagine, these women know what they want.

Koru Swimwear is a member of One Percent For The Planet which is a global movement where companies give at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. Koru Swimwear is also partners with the Healthy Seas initiative where they try collect all the abandoned fishnets in the oceans and through the recycling process transform and regenerate them into ECONYL® yarn from which socks, swimwear, underwear, carpets and other things can be made. Isn’t that amazing?

We got the chance to have a short chit chat with Julie about Koru Swimwear and other, girly stuff.

Why did you name your brand “Koru”?

I have dual citizenship in New Zealand where my family is from and thought the word “Koru” would be a perfect name for our sustainable brand that strives to work in harmony with nature. Koru is a New Zealand Maori term meaning spiritual growth, peace, harmony and tranquility. It feels that the meaning fits the brand perfectly.

Describe with three words the perfect beach style.

1. Simplistic

2. Relaxed

4. Functional

It’s this period of the year that women freak out in order to get the “hot bikini bod”. What’s your advice to them?

Everyone should be able to enjoy the beach or aquatic environment where wearing a swimsuit is necessary. Feeling comfortable in your swimsuit is extremely important. There are so many swimsuit choices these days to fit any body type and that will accentuate your best assets while diluting your most insecure ones. Finding the right swimsuit for your body is paramount and not everyone can get away with the “tini” bikini. Celebrate and enjoy what you have and find the best swimwear to fit your lifestyle and body type.

So, that being said, keep all these wise words in mind next time you find yourself buying a new swimsuit! And remember to do good – our planet is our home!

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All photos courtesy of Koru Swimwear.