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It’s not a long while since major brands are taking down the environment-friendly path. Before that, the people who were fighting for these ways of producing garments were the activists, the hippies. Most of the people we’ve spotlighted through our platform have made it through hard times. They kept their moral flags up high and they made a statement that’s slowly getting accepted and changing the fashion world. One of this brands is our guests for today. Ladies and Gentlemen, People Tree!

People Tree is a UK brand. They have been in the fashion biz for over twenty years. Pioneers in ethical and sustainable fashion, they took their stand and brought a “no regrets” gloss and glamour in a field that’s been very much despised by the fashion people.

In 2012 and 2013, People Tree has been a pilot case for certification for Fair Trade Manufacture under the World Fair Trade Organisation. Quoting them, their aim is to help to alleviate poverty in the world’s most marginalised communities. They are partnering up with artisans and farmers who work under the Fair Trade standards. The result? High quality, hand crafted garments that are made by organic cotton and other sustainable materials. Unique and ethnic designs, inspired of the traditions of the artisans that are somehow connecting the world’s bridges.

Before let you enjoy the latest collection for the Spring-Summer 2015 (it’s girls only but the People Tree team designs for our male friends as well), we’d like to inform you about the brand’s campaign to rebuild homes in Nepal. Their partners, Kumbeshwar Technical School were badly affected by the earthquakes. People Tree started a fundraising campaign to help them rebuild their homes and their lives. You can learn more about it on Just Giving.

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