Eye Emma Jedi's new single "Places": The Soundtrack Of Spring 2013

EYE EMMA JEDI‘s new single “Places”: The Soundtrack Of Summer 2013

Everyday needs its own soundtrack and so does each season does so too. For NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION EYE EMMA JEDI‘s new single Places, which gets released today, is the “Soundtrack of Spring 2013.

EYE EMMA JEDI spent 100 days in Spain writing, producing and recording their debut album. Places is the first single off that album. They brought their equipment on a truck to Monda, a small village outside Marbella on the south coast of Spain. The video of Places is a mashup of EYE EMMA JEDI‘s favourite clips that they have filmed during their time in Monda.

Enjoy Places, the “Soundtrack of Spring 2013”.

EYE EMMA JEDI will tour Germany from tomorrow on – presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

26.04.2013 – D – Kiel, Pumpe
27.04.2013 – D – Halle, Druschba
29.04.2013 – D – Rostock, Campus Ulmenstraße
01.05.2013 – D – Hamburg, Prinzenbar
03.05.2013 – D – Berlin, Magnet
04.05.2013 – D – Dresden, Beatpol
05.05.2013 – D – Köln, Studio 672
06.05.2013 – D – München, Backstage Club
07.05.2013 – D – Mainz, Schon Schön
08.05.2013 – D – Ilmenau, BC Studentenclub
10.05.2013 – D – Wolfsburg, Sauna-Klub
11.05.2013 – D – Kassel, A.R.M.