Stev - Photo by AliSe Blandini

Photo by AliSe Blandini

Loves of dreamy electronic music, we’ve got something for you. Italian producer Stefano Fagnani and his alter ego STÈV are here to start the day with a sweet doses of chillwave electronica. As the press text states the young gentlemen was ‘born and raised in a city between the hills and the sea’ which might explain his love for nature and variety with hin his music as he is constantly looking for the perfect mixture of synthetic and acoustic elements.

As you can see with his latest song Hills Are Floating the craft of STÈV is dominated by his love for manipulating his eclectic song structures and effects while also working on creating slightly surreal melodies and a certain amount of chaos. Yes, that sounds like a lot but if you listen to the track below you might understand. STÈV‘s sweet new song is taken from his forthcoming debut LP Beyond Stolen Notes, which will be Co-released by Loci Records (label curated by, and home of, EMANCIPATOR) and Megaphone. The official release date is May 18th. Enjoy Hills Are Floating right here.