Línt – photo by Magnus Haaland

You know that we at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION are keen to keep up with whatever’s ‘hot’ at the moment. But just like probably every music enthusiast there are certain styles, genres and vibes that remain to excite us no matter how ‘outdated’ they might feel in terms of latest popcultural emanations. F.e.: When fall kicks in like it does these days we can’t resist a good-old-fashioned post-rock record. Especially not, when it’s done in such a splendid way like LÍNT‘s new record Then They Came For Us. In order to share the joy we feel we are glad to present the stream of the whole record ahead of its German (re-)release this Friday.

Although the record has already found its way into public last year, it’s only now that German label popup-records is giving it a proper release here in chilly, autumnal Central Europe. Long overdue, as these eight songs deserve to be heard. Then They Came For Us is a really impressive blend of the instrumental greats of the genre from EITS to MOGWAI and the typical Scandinavian pop-twist to post-rock with its song and melody-orientation in the tradition of IMMANU EL, JENIFEREVER or MEW. Please enjoy LÍNT‘s beautiful escapism in its entire beauty right here.