Sudakistan Press Shot

Chances are that if you’re based in Sweden, Spain or anywhere else that SUDAKISTAN have toured you’ll have heard of them, because when the band play live they leave a mark. The Stockholm five-piece have firmly established themselves as one of the most crushingly impressive live bands in the city, a typhoon-strength blast of energy that very few other acts can get even close to. And with the recent release of their debut LP, Caballo Negro, the band have proved that they’re equally able on record, and single Concrete Djungle is fine example of it.

When listening to the track, what strikes you is its manic restlessness. Concrete Djungle is not a song that sits comfortably into a pattern, but instead one that pinball-whirls its way through whatever genre and pattern takes its fancy. Thumping drums, explosive guitar riffs and a colossal pile of effects and distortion all combine to create an outlaw-pysch track that will leave anyone that listens to it reeling and coming back for more. Both Concrete Djungle and SUDAKISTAN‘s début LP Caballo Negro are out now on PNKSLM.