Who is it?

It seems that Swedish artist SUMMER HEART, aka David Alexander, has an instinctive reaction to the season he shares a name with. Quiet for a while, as the winter faded out he popped up as a vocalist on FOREVERANDEVER‘s So Guud, and now he’s dropped his own first single of the year, 101.

Why should you listen to it?

SUMMER HEART has dabbled in different genres in the past, but 101 parks him very firmly in the synth-pop camp. Starting out delicately, 101 quickly locks into a groove and doesn’t look back from there. It’s an absolutely ridiculously catchy piece of liquid dance-pop: hear this song once and you’ll never get it out of your head again.

What’s next?

SUMMER HEART‘s new album is also entitled 101, and is out on August 25th. Alexander says:

‘The record can be seen as a ten track love story, with ups and downs and all the in-betweens… never being satisfied, always wanting more, grass is greener on the other side’

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