Sun Tailor - 2016
Arnon Naor, working under the alias of SUN TAILOR, debuted his second album, This Light, at the end of 2014. Shortly before its release, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION exclusively premiered his video for Who’s At Your Window, a production acclaimed for its dramatic, haunting imagery.

Taken from the same album comes Spit Fire, a track SUN TAILOR created a video for back in September. The Israeli artist’s newest production looks more like a movie clip scored by his track than it does a music video. Mr. Naor dodges bullets as he winds through the forest looking for a getaway. His powerful, droning voice and haunting acoustics align seamlessly with the tempo of the attempted escape. The video rings as dramatic as his last, but Spit Fire has a greater energy to it.

SUN TAILOR will be playing at the Grünen Salon in Berlin on March 11, and we have two tickets to give away to our readers. If you would like a shot of getting your hands on them, write us a mail to with the subject ‘Sun Tailor’ and your full name.